Ok so you wanna lower your car... well, it was not produced for a super low ride height. This will show you how to relocate the Harness

Tools/Material needed

10mm socket
3/8th ratchet
Long 3/8 extension
zip ties
Drill ( optional)

1.Expose wheel well like so

2. Start buy removing screws in the following locations to remove the fender ( and your gangster zip ties that hold the fender on)

3.Remove Side marker

4.Once you remove the fender you will see the Body Harness and Hood Latch
cut the zip ties away so that you can relocate the harness

5.now this is where you can use your drill to make some points to zip tie to. this is where i drilled, you don't have to do this, but i did

6.now mount the Harness
( bonus: when installing the fender it was rather tough. when i looked at the pictures i realized that if I would have taken a hammer and hit the lip down where the body harness rest now, i would have been able to mount the harness lower and not have to force the fender back on)