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Hello I made this page to consolidate my write-ups and installs. these installs were performed on my 1989 Nissan 240sx and 1994 ECR33 Gts25-t Skyline. However many (FR)Front-Engine Rear Wheel Drive cars all follow the same patterns mechanically. If you would like to link my write-ups its no problem just give me (Biggamehit) credit that's all I ask. These write ups are primarily done to help you visually understand what you have to do. You should have an FSM ( factory service manual ) at your side for Tq specs etc.

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Description Preview Description Preview Description Preview
Clutch Install Holset Turbo Info Welded Diff
Battery Relocation Bee-r Rev limiter Chainguide Removal
Clean Intercooler Oil Psi Gauge Water Temp Gauge
Solid Mounts Front Main Seal LED Cluster
White Bunny Clutch KA24e/de ECU Diagnostic G20 Radiator
Brakes/Rotor/Studs Sway bar/Endlinks Tension Rods
Tial38mm install/Exhaust wrap Steering Wheel Manual Boost Controller
New!Body Harness Relocate New!Knock Sensor Replacement New!Rear Sub-Frame Spacer
New!Tie End install New!VLSD Shimming New!ECR33 Bee-r Rev Limiter
New! Drum Brakes

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