This write-up is joined together becuase they are really one

Tools/material Needed

Sway bar bushing kit ( energy )
End-Link kit ( megan racing )
2x 14mm wrenches
breaker bar
14mm socket
12mm wrench

-here is a little Tv magic, my sway bar was already out, becuase i had it off. i recommend taking it out to clean it etc.
-place the sway bar bushings on the bar

-use the two 14mm wrenches to remove the old worn endlink

-Take sway bar under car and place it in the middle of the lower control arms like so, the opening goes toward the rear

-these two bolts are where you clamps would have been bolted.. use your 14mm to take them off.

-you can install this anyway you would like.. the end result are the same
-I installed my endlinks first, However don't tighten them until you have the sway bar mounted.
-installing the endlinks first will hold the bar up for you and out of your head.

-once threaded thought sway bar, insert endlink through the control arm like so

control arm

-when you have it all together. you will want to tighten the links.. use a 12mm wrench in this fashion to tighten ( to hold the link still) . Once its tight enough you can remove the wrench. don't worry, the end link is made to flex so you will not break it when you Torque it down hard.

-now insert the clamps on the bushings and you are done