Today we will be installing a Bee-r Rev-Limiter

The purpose of this device is to allow you to set a predetermined rev limit. The by product of this device is a loud popping noise along with flames. You can adjust the loudness and intensity via the gain dial.

It is recommended that you don't play with this device like a toy. set the level that you want and leave it. This device should be used on the track. Excess use of this device will shorten the life of exhaust gaskets, valves and more importantly your turbo.

Material Needed

-Bee-R rev Limiter
-Deep 10mm socket
-electrical tape
-16-18 gauge wire
-wire strippers
-quick disconnect connectors ( of your choice )
-double sided tape or Velcro
-source of light
-Bee-r Installation instructions ( I will provide )

-R33 Bee-r Installation diagram

-R33 ECU pin out PDF

-Supplemental data for Bee-R installation on other vehicles

Steps to Installation

1. Remove the negative terminal from your battery

2. While the rev limiter is outside the car, you are going to cut the Grey wire for use with the rb25det, if you don't the motor will not start.

3. Install your choice of quick connect terminals with the limiter outside of the car for ease.

4. Undo this hand screw to remove the ECU kick panel

5. Undo your ecu 10mm nuts and bolt to release the ecu from the body. Once that is done, take your 10mm socket and undo the 10mm bolt holding the connector firmly into the ecu.

6. Remove the plastic shielding from the ecu connector and carefully locate you ecu point without pulling on the wires, this may unseat a pin and cause you troubles.

7. Once you have identified and matched your connections splice into them and install your quick disconnect attachments onto them. Do whatever works for you. I choose quick disconnect because nothing is final on a drift car.

8. When you have finished, start the motor and preform a quick test to verify that all of your connections are complete. Once you are satisfied, reverse your steps.

Optional ( white wire )

If you would like to install the Rev 2 function, all you need to do is wire the white wire to a source that has an switched ground such as your e-brake or clutch pedal. I don't recommend the clutch pedal because false signals can be sent to the rev limiter if you kick it to hard.

What i did was installed an on and off SPST ( single pole-single throw ) switch with one end grounded out. At the flip of a switch, i can go into rev 2 aka poor mans 2 step mode.

Testing the Rev Limiter