well i have been having issues with ignition and the knock sensor ( code 34 ) has been coming up in ecu diagnostics so i changed it.

the location of the Knock Sensor is in a tight spot under the intake Manifold. however you don't have to remove the intake manifold just to change it. Yes your hands will hurt. its a plus to make sure that your engine is completely cold when you do this job and or you will burn your hand.

My hands fit tight in a XL glove and i still got them under the manifold, if you have girly man hands and or a girlfriend who doesn't mind getting dirty, have her help you

Tools/Material needed

Knock Sensor
3/8 ratchet with very long extension
3/8 swivel socket
12mm socket
10mm socket
Electrical Contact Cleaner ( optional but recommended )
electrical tape
Coat Hanger
straight pick tool

1. Start by removing the 12mm bolt that connects the Knock Sensor harness to the upper timing cover

2a. Remove the bolts and move the fuel lines out of the way

2b. Remove your oil filter to give you room to stick your hands under the manifold.

3. Use your 12mm long extension and swivel to loosen the 12mm bolt after its out, use your magnet to remove the bolt

4a. once you have the bolt out, remove the sensor by either sending it through the bottom of the intake and or by carefully pulling the part of the harness located on the front of the motor toward you

4b. use a pick tool to pry under the metal U clip to remove the sensor

5. After you remove the sensor. spray the contacts on both the knock sensor harness and the Engine harness and allow to dry

6. New next to old

7a. now take your coat hanger cut the ends off so that you have a straight section. wrap some electrical tape around it.

7b. Snake the sensor to the RIGHT of the hoses pictured. the orange circle is where the knock sensor bolts to

7c. Place your bolt for the knock sensor on your magnet and have it ready. once you have the knock sensor in place place the bolt in.

8. Once you have somewhat threaded, take your hand from the bottom like so and hold the sensor in place. carefully hand thread the bolt in with your hand and then tighten it with your ratchet.

9. reinstall the 12mm bolt and the harness and INSTALL YOUR OIL FILTER!!!!!!!