Hello Tuners

Today we will be installing an after market wheel

Tools/ Material Needed
19mm socket ( or respective one for your car)
breaker bar
steering wheel and hub
Allen key

-place your fingers behind the horn pad and pull toward your face
-Some cars have screws that hold this pad on...

-once you have the pad pulled away from the wheel, you will have to disconnect the horn connection if you have one
-after that put your key in the ignition and MAKE SURE that your Front wheels are completely straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Remove your key from the ignition and turn the wheel slightly until you hear it lock
-take your 19mm and breaker bar and remove the nut
-once the nut is off, give the wheel a few good hits from the rear while pulling on it, the wheel will pop off..
-if you don't have the man power to do so.. you may need to pick up a wheel puller kit from auto zone, the guy behind the counter is a car parts guru, just tell him you want "that pulley thing "

-size comparison.
-smaller wheel looks better and is easier/quicker to maneuver

- notice that the hub (non quick release) is labeled "Top".. also notice that there are more holes on the hub than there are on your wheel. this hub fits two diameter of wheels.
-Place the hub on the steering column so that you don't have to hold it in your hand while mounting the wheel.
-screw in about 2 screws to test fit the wheel.
-now slightly adjust the wheel in relation to the splines as straight as possible
-the red line you see is for the horn if you choice to use one... if not just cut it off.

-place the hub on the column
-place bolt back on column and tighten
-once you are satisfied with your alignment job...... bolt it down using a cross pattern method going from left to right and then up and down last

-Final Product

Note: the horn space is empty becuase i don't have one... i just scream out my window at people.