Parts needed

Tie rod end
Tie rod Splitter
1/2 17/19mm socket
1/2 ratchet
adjustable wrench
vise grips

1. make sure wheel is straight, lock the steering wheel in place. Jack up car and remove wheel to expose tie rod end

2. take your adjustable wrench and loosen this nut

3. take an screw driver or another piece of metal and scrape the metal so that you now where to stop when screwing the new tie rod end on

4. remove cotter pin and use your 17 or 19mm socket to remove nut

5. place tie rod splitter here and hit the end with hammer a few times and the tie end will pop out of the hub assembly.

6. you may have to use an adjustable wrench and pair of vise grips to remove the end in some cases like so.

7 reverse your steps and place the new tie end on. make sure you install the new cotter pin.

8. Go get an Alignment.