this is a three for one install all knocked out at the same time. you will be able to use the different parts of the write-up collectively to assist you with your project.

Tools needed

17mm wrench or socket
14mm wrench or socket
3/8th extension ( at least 5-6 inch)
3/8th ratchet
Large C Clamp ( front caliper piston )
universal piston square ( rear caliper piston )
extended studs
pry bar or flat head
1 lug nut
thick washer and or Nut
jack stand
car jack
wheel chalk

Part one: Rear brake job

-start by placing an object in front of the front wheels ( to prevent roll), jacking the car and removing the rear wheel
-take your 14mm wrench and remove the bolts to the caliper

-Release E-brake if you have not already done so.... if the e-brake is engaged, you will have difficulty getting the caliper off due to the pressure being applied
-Place flat head or pry bar in this position and pry toward the old pad to remove caliper

-Place pads on the bracket at this angle and then push forward, the pad will fall right into place.. do the same for the inside pad

-Once you have the pads in place, take your square block, extension and ratchet like so. you will place the block onto your extension and screw the piston.
-You will rotate the piston in a clockwise motion while pushing in.
-The piston will go back. After that place the caliper back on the bracket and reverse your uninstalling procedures.

Part two: Rear Rotor and extended stud install

-Once you remove the rear caliper, you will next take your 17mm socket or wrench and remove the two 17mm bolts.

-With the caliper gone, you will now be able to slide the old rotor off

-now give the old exposed studs a good tap on the head of the stud, they will pop right out.

-Stud comparison ( rusty stock, black new 60mm stud )

-Rotate hub to this position and you will be able to slide the stud in without removing the rear dust cover

-Insert the studs one at a time and then take your lug nut and thick washer and place them on the stud
-Tighten the lug until its no longer loose and stop right there, you don't want to risk over tightening and damaging the stud

-This is not an optical illusion, the studs are uneven and you will not be able to slide the rotor on
- It is very very vital that you take your time and straighten the studs out. if you force the rotor on with the studs mis-aligned, you will damage the threads
- to correct the angle, simply place the lug back on the stud and lightly tap them until they are straight, you will be able to slide the rotor on with no issue after that.

-place rotor on and you are done. just reverse you un-installation procedures and that is all

part three: Front Pads

-start by placing an object in front of rear wheels
-before you raise the front of the car, break the lugs loose and or have a buddy press the brakes while you break them loose in the air
-take your 14mm wrench and loosen bolts to remove caliper

-in the same fashion that you remove the old pads, you place the new ones on the bracket the same way.
-this clip that you see resting on my finger is the indicator that makes the squealing noise when your brakes are to low ( i rip it off becuase i know when to change my pads)

-take your C clamp and compress the piston back into the caliper so that you can re-install the caliper

-place caliper back on pads, re-install bolts and you are done