Hello.. got a sloppy front end??

well this mod an help stiffen it a bit

Tools/Material needed
17mm socket, ratchet and wrench
tension rods

-examine the area around your tension rod.. in my case, i ran up on a curb one night drifting and did this
-this can be bent back in shape and will have to be in order to remove the old tension rod

-take your 17mm socket place it on one side and your wrench on the other side to break the nut loose and remove it

-notice on the lower control arm, from that same curb accident, the lower control arm was bent a bit. I had to bend it back in shape.. you can use grip pliers or a adjustable wrench
-take your 17mm socket and remove the two Nuts circled

-once you have the old tension rod out, lay it next to the new one and make sure its the same length for now

-once you have done that, just reverse your steps and your done.
-once you have tightened the tension rod completely down, take an medium size adjustable wrench and tighten the Gold locks on each end of the rod