Drum Brake Removal and Install.


Today I will be replacing my old warn drum shoes. If you have the ever popular 5 lug swap... well you have shoes inside your drums also...

Material needed

Brake shoe ( im using Uras shoes.... they lock awesomely )
17mm wrench socket
deep 10mm socket or ratchet wrench
Needel nose pliers
long flat head
Big ass hammer
wd40 optional

1. (a) Release your E brake inside your car. make sure you use a 10mm to unloosed your cable adjuster until it has almost all of the slack in the line... you will see why later.

(b) Remove your calipers with a 17mm socket or box wrench and set them safely to the side... DON'T disconnect your brake lines.. no need.

2. Now depending on how bad your shoes are from all the extream ebrake drifting.... you shoes may be so low that the rotor will turn freely. If you you will have to release the pressure with the tensioner inside the drum.

if you must, put your wheel back on and rotor the rotor until that hole that you see is at the very bottom and centered.

through the window you will see a set of teeth.

Place your flat head inside the window and press the teeth down until you loosen the shoes.

Once the rotor is free, Knock it off using your big ass hammer, shortly you will see drum system. It looks complicated for some.... but its very simple.

3. once you have the rotor off take all of the tension out of the tensioner, next take your needle nose pliers and remove the spring circled.

* during re-installation, the tensioner will be the last part of the puzzle to go in. If you have buddy around, you will have to have him pry the shoes apart so that you can insert the tensioner.

4. After you remove the bottom spring and tensioner, the system will loosen up even more.

Now you must release the retainers holding the shoes in place. use your flat head and follow the diagram. Push inward with your flat head while turning counter or clock wise.

*There is a tool for this process.... and I had it but I didn't need it honestly.

Horizontal line= closed

Vertical line= open

once you turn it vertical, sometimes the spring will not release.. just pull on it and it will come out.

5. Now you will be able to remove the top springs. Next you will see this arm appear. This is what engages the E brake. just push inward on the cable and pull down and it will pop out easily.

6. remove the shoes. take your new shoes to the work table. Be sure to have the correct side shoes. They are different you will be able to tell.

remove this retainer clip and remove the arm.

Swap arm over to new shoe

7. Last step before you repeat everything that you did to uninstall.

I did this because its hard to see the inside assembly while on the car.
when you go to put the shoes back on.. it should look like this

8. Once you have the shoes all back on, put the rotor back on and insert your flat head into the whole and put up to apply tension to the drum system. You want to have it tight enough that there is slight resistance when you turn with your hand. DONT make them super tight from that location. Your shoes will squeal like a pig as your drive.

once you have both sides back together, you will notice that with the new pad, your E brake cable adjuster has gotten tight inside the car. That is why I told you in the beginning to release the cable tension. Now adjust it further to your liking.