if you are like me, you have an old car with old rotting bushings. A quick fix for the 240 rear sub frame is metal inserts. they help get more of your power to the ground. A lot of energy is wasted when you have old worn bushings on various parts of the car ( mainly FR MR and AWD)

Note: If you like a quite car, you may wanna go with Polyurethane inserts

Tools needed

C style sub-frame inserts
1/2 Breaker bar
1/2 ratchet
17mm socket
12mm socket
small and large pry bar
drill or chizzle

1. Place wheel chalks, place your jack under the Differential and jack the car up and place your jack stands in this position.

Rear Sub-Frame Spacer install

2.take your breaker bar and 17mm and remove the nut

3. once you remove the 17mm nut, this object will come off, take your drill and wire wheel and clean the rust off so that you have a flat matting surface

4. take your pry bar and pry in between the sub-frame and the chassis, this will give you room to insert the spacer. Make sure that humped part of the spacer is facing downward, it will fit right inside the older warn bushing.

5. place the bottom mount on like so

6. raise the jack back up until the sub-frame goes flush against that chassis again. after that tighten down the 17mm nut. Repeat on the other side.

Forward Sub-Frame Spacer install

1. you will remove the following nuts using your 17mm with breaker bar and 12mm socket, the lower mount will come off after that.

2. use your pry bar to make space for the new spacer to drop in

3. place the spacer on the mount like so.

4. reinstall the mount, move your jack to this position and jack up until the rear sub-frame is flush with the chassis. tighten down and repeat on opposite side.