Ok so........... lets say your turbo blows a seal like mine and sends enough oil into your FMIC to half fill a water bottle... not good you say right?

ok well this is what i did to clean my intercooler out, it was quick and painless.

Items Needed

Vacuum( higher power is better)
high pressure waster hose
Almost Any kind of Tape
shop towel
your choice of degreaser: simple green, engine cleaner
Carb/Intake cleaner

1. Turn Intercooler on side and allow oil to gravity drain for about 1o min

2. take a shop towel and clog one end of the Intercooler. spray your degreaser inside of the intercooler, just empty the can, there's more where it came from.

3. Once you feel that the degreaser has done its job a bit, shake the intercooler up a bit. Now with the other end of the intercooler clogged, fill it with water. let half of the water out now violently shake the intercooler left and right.

4 once you feel that all of the oil is long gone and you see clear water coming out you are half done.

5. Now allow the intercooler to gravity drain again for 1o min

6. now Spray your can of carb/Intake cleaner inside of the intercooler.. this will act as somewhat of an drying agent.

7. Now tape on end of the intercooler like so, leaving a little hole that will pressurize the system and force the water out....... I paid attention in physics 103 lol

8. now take the vacuum cleaner and insert it into the intercooler and seal it with tape like so.

Note: to the right of the intercooler on the ground you see the puddle of oil

9. now hit the power switch and let that thing suck for about 45 min to an hour... when i was done, the intercooler was bone dry. while its drying clean all the oil out of your piping, couplers and BOV like i did

sorry for lack of pictures, this didnt start as an write-up... but i figure others will have the same issue at some point.


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