I combined them becuase for me they were both related and had to uninstall the wastegate in order to remove the downpipe.

Tools Material needed

Allen Keys
Basic Metric Tools to remove your exhaust
exhaust wrap kit
metal tie's

-Start by disconnecting you wastegate signal line
-Use your allen key to uninstall the wastegate from your manifold

( for general installation.... your setup may require something else)
-The red circle is the location where you will hook your signal line to
-the other barbed nozzle will vent into the atmosphere, you don't have to install it, but i just wanted it on there personally

-Start the wrap at one end, and continue in a diagonal pattern to cover as much area as you can. one layer is good enough.
-when you began to wrap, i would do two layers to start and pull it tight so that you will not have loose spots

Note: the red circles indicate spots where i didn't put enough tension on the wrap while installing. they are not visible/bad, so i left them alone.

-Reinstall everthing
-Hook the wastegate signal line back up

Your Done.