Note you will have to mark of your current timing position so that you are not out of phase. if you mess the timing up you simply have to perform TDC which is simple to do. write ups will assist you.

got rattle?

Get rid of it by removing the upper and lower chain guide. this was a recall by nissan becuase these part become brittle over time and could possibly break off. before they break, they Rattle.

here we go

Tools and Material needed

10mm socket
12mm socket
10mm wrench
flathead screwdriver
your choice of high temp RTV

Start by removing the 10mm and 12mm bolts at these points. to get the cpver loose. once bolts are off use hammer and flathead and lightly tap to remove cover.

when you get the cover off, clean it and apply you silicon so it can harden

Remove valve cover and you will see the upper chain guide remove the two bolts and discard

now remove the lower guide. while your down there check the tensioner by pressing in on it.. it should move freely.

now for the pictures of the guides



Burn them!