Today i went ahead an finished up my water temp gauge.. . the senders on these after market gauges are 1/8th NPT ( national Pipe Thread) and the stock Temp sender has bigger threads and requires a adapter. Now the issue is the kits comes with fittings that don't fit inside of the KA's intake manifold. if you have Tig welder, you can grind the threads off and weld in the fitting, but many of us don't have access to that..

The traditional way to install the after market temp sender would be to purchase the hose connection that allows you to screw the after market sender in. 240's have a stock temp sender in the lower radiator hose that you can use if your not using it to run your stock fans that is.

** this write up will follow the steps of installation with the stock insert from the lower hose**

Tools/Material Needed

Water Temp gauge
Radiator Repair Kit or Pipe
radiator temp sensor insert or lower radiator stock insert
Adjustable wrench
14mm wrench
Teflon tape
wire cutters
18 gauge wire
electrical tape
9mm/8mm wrench/ratchet
wire loom
soldering iron
small O ring electrical connections

1. Take your hose repair Kit or a pipe with the correct outer diameter that will fit inside of your radiator hose. Move to your lower radiator hose and remove the stock temp sensor switch insert and install your connection device inside the lower hose and tighten

2. Remove stock temp switch

3. Take your bag of fittings that came with your water temp gauge. find the one that fits into the stock insert and place Teflon tape around the fitting following the thread pattern and screw it inside of the insert. take after market temp sender apply Teflon tape and screw it into the stock hose insert.

4.Find a straight section on your upper radiator hose and line your insert up and make sure you have clearance around all points and that its not hitting anything. when you think its good, cut your radiator hose and place insert in the middle like so and clamp

5. Now you have to take your 18ga wire and route it into your Cabin anyway thats easier for you, try to keep it in a low heat area also give your self enough wire as to not strain the connection and potentially rip it off. I chose to go through my ECU grommet. Just take a screw driver and poke a hole in it

6. Now you are going to connect your wire to the sender. when putting the wire on do it in this order... washer..o-ring connection..nut

7. Now follow the electrical wiring inside of you respective gauge manual for the inside of the car. make sure that you use a switched source for the power to the gauge.

8. once you have it wired up and mounted, fill your car up with coolant and bleed you system with the radiator cap of for approx 10 min. make sure you are putting fluid back into the system as its coming out to avoid air pockets. Now watch your gauge and monitor the temp. if its at normal operating temperature, your done. if not re-bleed the system