NOTE: this was not really a write up i just took pictures. but i can turn it into one.. also don't put the battery on the drivers side. disrupts the weight distribution. however if you do so.. you can put a lighter battery in the box

ill take pictures of the way I hooked up/routed the power cable. technically the battery is not suppose to be on the driver side, but i wanted to try it... now im going to relocate it dead center inline with engine,tranny and diff.



WestMarine: Battery Box= $13
WestMarine: dual insulated 14 ft 4guage cable= $80( can be had cheaper)
Lowes:Rubber/hard washers,1/2" Bolts,Nuts= $5-7
Auto Zone: battery Terminals, 70amp fuse, ground cable= $12

if you don't have abs or hicas, this slot will be open.drill/poke a hole in it and insert your cable.the cable will come out along side of your ecu. if you would like, you can peel the ecu grommet back and insert the cable there also. no drilling in fire wall required

note: my car is very low and no rubbing at all with 17" wheels and 215 45 r17 tires

(excuse the clutter, thats my turbo in that box )

total of 4 mounting points with rubber spacers.

with in the off-white box you can drill anywhere, nothing is located there. however, when drilling holes 3 and 4 make sure that you don't drill into the antenna and small wires. all you have to do is apply a little force, and the antenna will flex easily

the Red boxes show my drill points

with in the blue box, there is a bolt already right there. what i did was take a wire wheel/drill combo and stripped the paint off to create perfect ground



1) i didn't install an tie down inside of the box because my battery fills the case up, but i will squeeze one in when i relocate it again just to cover ALLLL points for very technical safety tech places. with the washers bolts and 4 points the box doesn't flex or move at all so that would pass tech inspections. but for peace of mind you can add additional tie down inside.

2) in the top right you see the speaker mount, that must be removed in order to drop the battery in..I have deleted them since i don't listen to the radio.