Front Mainseal install... quick installation and will solve leaking from timing chain cover instantly.

Tools/Material needed

Front Mainseal ( TCS45903)
28mm socket
3/8 ratchet
14mm socket and wrench
long 3/8 extension
wd40/pb blaster etc
Fine Grit (1000) sand paper large pry bar or pulley puller
Impact gun electric or Air

1. Start by loosening these points and removing your belts.. if you have AC you will also have to loosen the adjuster wheel.

2. Take your radiator and move it up like so to create space for impact gun

3. once you remove the bolt from the pulley, spray your wd40 on the center section.... and then take your pry bar and place it behind the pulley and pull toward you a few times and it will slide right off

4. Take a short flathead and hammer, insert the flathead on the outside of the seal and tap lightly..once the flathead goes back, pry inward and pull the seal out

5a. take your sand paper and gently rub the surface where the front main seal will rest. this will make sure that the old seal didn't leave any residue behind that will prevent the new seal from properly being seated.
5b. take a little oil and lightly lubricate the outside of the new seal and insert it.. you will have to apply alot of even strength to get it all that way in.