Todays installation will be the Hallman Boost Controller

Disclaimer: if you are installing a Boost controller, make sure you are fully aware of the negative effects from misuse. This is a write up that can be used for other boost controllers also. Make sure that you have your manual by your side and or know which nozzle is the boost source and wastegate output.

Tools/Material Needed
Boost controller kit ( with vacuum line)
zip tie's
cutting device

-remove your old wastegate signal line

-the red circle is the boost source nozzle
-the blue circle is the wastegate input
-the pink x is there becuase that nozzle is not used in my setup

-find a place to mount your MBC. its best if this place is away from direct heat so that you will not burn your hands/arms when adjusting on the fly
-Also take into consideration how your wastegate is setup. mount it so that the lines will flow and not Kink up

-Connect wastegate signal line
-a little oil or saliva ( if its your car dammit) will help those lines slide right on

-Connect Boost signal source

You are now done. last step is the install zip ties to prevent the lines from popping off.

Note: don't NOT turn the dial before installing.. leave it in its current position. GO out and test the controller in a safe environment. Turning the knob in increases boost.