Hello Tonight ( 3 Dec 06 ) I Installed an radiator from and 93 G20 into my 89 240. The reason that I used this radiator is it has an similar length and width of a 240 Radiator. and no Ka radiators were avalible in the junk yard at the time. after applying the 6 coat of Jb weld to my radiator, i just got tired of it and needed and quick fix. Maybe it could help another person out so i just made this quick DIY

This is a very straight forward DIY . no different than normal radiator removal and installation. Just a few Cuts here and there and minor part swaps. only special tool needed other then basic 10mm and 8mm is zip ties to mount electric fan if you have one.

All the parts that you start with. In this picture is the G20 Radiator, stainless piece of plumbing pipe ( local hardware store) Hose from auto zone and Brackets. The biggest difference with this radiator is. the Neck is shifted to the far right, and the port for the lower radiator is located on the opposite side.

The X is placed on the mounts because you will not need them

Step One: Radiator Installation

a. Remove rubber mount from stock bracket.

b. Place Rubber mount inside of bigger G20 Bracket mount

c. Once you have that done, you can drop G20 radiator in to the same spot as OEM 240 radiator.
d. once you have radiator in place. place bracket on and bolt down. the tabs that are indicated will be push toward the ground toward the end of the install. You can cut them if you would like

Step Two: Hose Routing

a. Take and razor blade or knife and cut the Hose at an angle so that you have something that looks like this below, the left over half will be used as an elbow to connect the lower radiator hose. the stock temp sensor is still attached on the lower radiator hose, so that completes one connection as u can see on the left.

b. If you would like, you could stop there and just get an small pipe and Connect the two in the center. or you can do what i did below by inserting the 12 inch pipe in one end and cutting the extra section of hose out. I just didnt want my hose suspended like that in mid air. Once the hose heats up it would began to sag

c. After you cut out the section and insert pipe, install the clamps. and right after that bend the auto tranny cooler nipples out of the way using Vice Grips. that will make way for the fan. that white box happens to be the only part of the radiator that the fan will mount to. that radiator that I had came from and S14 so the Electric fan was already on S14 OEM radiator.


Step Three: installing fan and overflow tank hose

a. once you drop fan back in, it will look like this, 4 zip ties are need to secure the other points of the fan to the radiator. the one mount from the fan that actually goes in holds the fan in place while you attach the zip ties.

b. you now have to cut the overflow tank hose and route it any way you want to prevent kinking, this is temporary for me untill I buy and anti-kink spring to install over the hose.

Final Product