So.. you tired of looking at your old dull gauge cluster and you don't wanna go with one of those USDM tyte indiglo gauge layover setups??? well here is something for you that will cost you no more than 11 bucks with shipping. i seen this done on another forum and now i bring it to you guys and gals.

Tools/Material needed

5x 194 Led's ( your choice)
( ALERT you don't need the 5th bulb... the gas light seem to have its own big ass bulb... also if you put a LED in the gas light, it will say on due to current flow)
rubber/vinyl gloves
Phillips screw driver
19mm socket
ratchet or breaker bar
1. this step is optional, but you can remove your wheel quickly to give yourself more room and also make it easier to remove your gauge cluster bezel without breaking it... 15 year old plastic is brittle.

2.remove the following screws

3.unhook those two clips by pulling downward on them ( excuse my birds nest, i got a chance to clean it up)

4.In order to remove the bezel you must unhook the following devices

5.Remove these three screws to remove the cluster. once the screws are out, place you fingers around the upper portion of the cluster and pull down and toward you and cluster will pop out....... relax Heman's

6.Unhook following connections to remove cluster

7. Get your Led's ready to go. make sure you have gloves on at this point.

8. Remove one at a time by twisting the connections clock-wise

out with the old

in with the new

9. hook connections back up to cluster and test them.. if you see that you have a black out spot that means you have to take that led back out rotate it and re-insert it. they are not revers polarity. that means that the positive and negative nodes must match the led's respectively. once you got all power just reverse your steps from above and your done

later on im going to personally take the other smaller lights ( gas, oil, etc) out and insert hyper white led's in them

results of your 20-30 min of labor


After ( Day time shots with different camera exposures)

After ( Night time shot)

After ( Night time shot)